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Data sheet service – Akeneo meets priint

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to generate PDF data sheets directly from your Akeneo PIM data? Automatically? With the connection between the priint:suite and the Akeneo PIM it's now possible: Simple. Unique. Cost effective. Fast.

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Price: €6000.00

Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 (Enterprise Edition)

Akeneo’s integration empowers Magento merchants to push their Akeneo PIM catalog to Magento 2 Commerce.
Provided by Akeneo, this connector is designed for Akeneo Enterprise users only. It reproduces your Akeneo PIM architecture in Magento 2 and synchronizes your product catalogs thanks to Akeneo REST API. Subscribe to this Premium Extension to leverage the latest Akeneo Enterprise features in your Magento 2 webstores.
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Akeneo Shopware 6 Connector by EIKONA Media

With the new "Akeneo-Shopware-6-Connector" from EIKONA Media, you can smoothly export all your product data from Akeneo to Shopware. The connector uses the standard interfaces provided for data exchange. Benefit from up-to-date product data in all your e-commerce channels and be faster on the market.
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Akeneo PIM Connector for Shopify

SaaS software from StrikeTru that seamlessly connects Akeneo PIM to the Shopify platform. It allows Shopify users to quickly setup a link to Akeneo PIM and sync all product catalog data to Shopify within minutes. It eliminates a lot of manual and repetitive work involved in updating the product catalog of a Shopify store. You can send and receive products, variations, modifiers, categories, standard and custom attributes, images and more from Akeneo PIM into your Shopify store. Compatible with all Akeneo PIM editions – Community, Growth, Enterprise (On-Premise, Cloud Flexibility, and Cloud Serenity) and StrikeTru's smallPIM.
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Shopify connector

Our Shopify Akeneo Connector eases your business by refining, transforming, and publishing relevant products, images, videos, and attributes between Akeneo and Shopify.Ideatarmac’s Shopify connector is a cloud based technology and has compatibility to the widest and latest range of Akeneo editions from Community to Enterprise to Growth Edition. Our aim is to make your integration the simplest possible and reduce the routine data management effort up to 70%.
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