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Data sheet service – Akeneo meets priint

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to generate PDF data sheets directly from your Akeneo PIM data? Automatically? With the connection between the priint:suite and the Akeneo PIM it's now possible: Simple. Unique. Cost effective. Fast.

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Presentation video:
Price: €6000.00

Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 (Enterprise Edition)

Akeneo’s integration empowers Magento merchants to push their Akeneo PIM catalog to Magento 2 Commerce.
Provided by Akeneo, this connector is designed for Akeneo Enterprise users only. It reproduces your Akeneo PIM architecture in Magento 2 and synchronizes your product catalogs thanks to Akeneo REST API. Subscribe to this Premium Extension to leverage the latest Akeneo Enterprise features in your Magento 2 webstores.
Price: Quote based

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Akeneo Augmented Reality Extension

Akeneo Augmented Reality PIM Guide – This extension allows the users to create AR Media and add it to products. The users must create an attribute by selecting the AR media type and assign it to the family.

It enables the users to add a 3-D AR model to the products in order to provide a more realistic view.
Add Augmented Reality Media to products.
Preview AR media in Desktop/Android/iOS.
Import/Export AR media with products.
Upload the GLB And USDZ images for android and ios users respectively.

Price: $249.00
Akeneo Community

Akeneo Currency Conversion

Akeneo Currency Conversion is a module that allows you to convert one currency price to another currency based on the currency rates and process updated prices across products.

If you have multiple currencies enabled in your Akeneo PIM, then you don't need to write the price in all currencies. Just you need to save the price in the base currency in the products and then update the currencies rates in the Currency converter configuration and click on EXECUTE CURRENCY CONVERSION.
Price: Free

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