Advanced Imports Connector

Developed by Nicolas Souffleur
Akeneo Community
Akeneo PIM compatibility
Enterprise Edition (SaaS) Not supported
Enterprise Edition (PaaS)
Growth Edition Not supported
Community Edition
Extension version
Price: €200.00


This extension can be really useful when you need to make the first initialization of your product catalog without modifying your files manually. It can be also used to transfer product data coming from other systems using files & will save you a load of time of development & manual modifications.


  • Stop modifying your files manually. Take control of your imports from the interface.
  • Import your products & product models in .xlsx or .csv files.
  • Add mappings with Akeneo formatted values & columns of your files.
  • Create automatically attribute options while importing your products.
  • Add new columns with default values (ex: unit columns, categories).
  • Replace values in your files by Akeneo values/attribute codes.
  • Fasten the configuration by importing your mappings in CSV files.
  • Add new categories to your products without replacing the existing ones.



Just follow this tutorial :


The license and term of usage can be found here :

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