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Akeneo Custom XLSX Connector: Now by using this connector you can import/export your online store products and product modal into a customized XLSX file. This file can be used for uploading products/product modals to third-party platforms, suppliers, or other applications. This extension enables you to map Akeneo fields with the XLSX fields that will be created.




  • Export/Import products from Akeneo into Xlsx file
  • Product export variations from Akeneo into Xlsx file
  • Export multiple images of a product from Akeneo to Xlsx is a link
  • Use a fixed value for some fields when exporting data.
  • Mapping of Akeneo fields withXlsx field code
  • Create multiple stores
  • Create dynamic custom fields for every store
  • Select types that the custom field support at the time of creating
  • Support option to the export category, attribute, and select type attribute option label
  • Export category and family with a product
  • Export Xlsx products using quick export.
  • Variant product mapping is also available
  • This module is compatible with the latest Akeneo version 5.0.x
  • Filter Data to be exported based on Category, Family, Completeness, Time conditions, Identifier (SKU), Language, and Currency.


Release notes

Version: 1.0.0

  • Compatible with Akeneo 5
  • Added quick export functionality for Akeneo 5
  • Import/Export Product in Akeneo in Xlsx format.
  • Import/Export Product Variation in Akeneo in Xlsx format.
  • Import/Export Product Images From XLSX to Akeneo.
  • Import/Export Product Modal in Akeneo in Xlsx format.

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