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Akeneo to Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP) Connector

In large B2B online shops, the success is determined by two factors: good products and the best possible shopping experience. Especially the shopping experience can be traced down to a winning information management. Information to be available include orders, customer and product information, and (customer-specific) prices. Using Akeneo and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP) as provided involves data synchronization between the two systems. Manually handling these synchronizations can be time-consuming and it holds the potential to be buggy. This is why basecom developed Oktopus to automatically connect Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP) to Akeneo.

What the connector does

As the name connector suggests, Oktopus connects the two endpoints via their standard APIs. The software automates all data synchronization processes between the corresponding databases and therefore magically dissolves this time-consuming and risky manual processes.

How it generally works

Oktopus is a very powerful middleware acting as an interface between your Akeneo on the one hand and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP) on the other. Using a smart combination of RabbitMQ and YAML mapping files results in a bulletproof and undefeated process reliability. Oktopus uses the standard REST-APIs of NAV and Akeneo and is loosely coupled from their cores – hence changes in their cores do not impact the usage of Oktopus.

Out of the box, the following data can be exported from Akeneo to Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP):

  • Products (attributes and features )
  • Categories
  • Catalogue price
  • Bulk prices
  • Customer-specific prices
  • Stock information
  • Previous orders (via other sales channels, historical orders and orders states)
  • Debitor information

The export is executed automatically and synchronizes changes in Akeneo with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP) according to the configured sync time.


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP): Version >= 2008 R2
  • Akeneo: Version >=2.0
  • Server for Oktopus: 2 cores, 4 GB RAM, 4 GB Swap, 20 GB Storage
  • Docker CE (>=18.03)
  • Docker-Compose (>=1.21)

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