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Rules are a powerful feature in Akeneo which help automate the process of creating and maintaining product information. Often times the rules in Akeneo Enterprise Edition are created and maintained by non-technical and marketing/business users and the Akeneo Rules Composer by Zorang provides them a way to create/maintain rules without the need to write complicated .yml files. The Rules Composer integrates with Akeneo Rules page, for a seamless user experience. Users can launch the Rules Composer directly from the Akeneo Rules page for creating and/or editing rules. The look and feel of the Rules Composer is consistent with the rest of Akeneo UI. If you have existing rules created from the backend, you don’t have to worry, the new Rules Composer will enable you to edit them as well.


Following are the detailed features of Rules Composer:

  • Create and Edit Rules using the UI listing page in Akeneo
  • List categories and families as dropdown list for users to select
  • The attributes are listed as dropdown for users to select
  • The correct list of operators populate automatically depending upon the attribute type
  • Additional fields for different types of fields automatically show up depending on the attribute type
  • Can have multiple conditions and actions. Create and remove number of conditions and actions
  • Supports multiple locales, scope and currencies
  • Some knowledge of Rules Engine and how the rules work in Akeneo Enterprise Edition is required.


Release notes

Akeneo Rules Composer Ver 1.1 by Zorang is supported with Akeneo Enterprise Edition 1.6.x. and 1.7.x.
The Rules Composer may work with Akeneo 1.5 or lower, but it has not been tested.

For help with installation or configuration or for any bugs or problems, please contact us at support@zorang.com.


Installation Instructions:

1) Unzip and untar the fileZorang-AkeneoRulesComposer-v1.1.tar.gz in Akeneo home directory. It will create the folder "${akeneo-home}/src/Zorang/Bundle/AkeneoRulesComposer"


2) Register it into AppKernel.php:

# ${akeneo-home}/app/AppKernel.php

class AppKernel extends OroKernel



     * {@inheritdoc}


    public function registerBundles()


        $bundles = [

            // your app bundles should be registered here

            new Zorang\Bundle\AkeneoRulesComposer\ZorangAkeneoRulesComposer(),





3) Add the bundle resources in app/config/routing.yml:

# ${akeneo-home}/app/config/routing.yml


    resource: "@ZorangAkeneoRulesComposer/Resources/config/routing.yml"


4) Change rule file name,log name in config_rule.yml (if required)

# ${akeneo-home}/src/Zorang/Bundle/AkeneoRulesComposer/Resources/config/config_rule.yml


    rule_file: rules.yml

    rule_file_path: /tmp/rulesfiles

    php_bin: /usr/bin/php

    logfile: importrules.log


5) Clear cache:

php app/console cache:clear --env=prod

If you need help to install and configure the Rules Composer or for any bugs or problems, please contact us at support@zorang.com.

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