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Akeneo Web To Print: With the help of this extension, you can export products information from Akeneo PIM to Adobe InDesign. Akeneo Web To Print extension is specially meant for managing and exporting data for print catalogue data, magazines, brochures, leaflets, or any other print material. Akeno Web To Print extension basically works as a connector between Akeneo PIM and Adobe InDesign.

Please Note - Akeneo Web To Print extension is compatible with Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Cloud (PaaS/Flexibility) Edition of Akeneo.


  • Create export jobs for exporting products data from Akeneo to Adobe InDesign
  • Re-fetch export data from Adobe InDesign
  • Send multiple images with the content
  • Also works with product models
  • Filter products using categories, families, locales, identifier
  • Source code open for customization

Documentation - https://webkul.com/blog/akeneo-web-to-print/

Video Tutorials

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Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket - Webkul Support Ticket

Release notes


  • Stripe the value &nbsp, &amp.
  • Validation added for the file path.


  • File Storage directory has been changed.
  • According to the parameter tmp_storage_dir
  • Missing Translation added for locale en_US

Version 1.0.5

  • Support for InDesign 2020(v15.0.1)
  • Akeneo 4.0.x compatible

Version 1.0.4 - "Support for Akeneo 3.1.x and 3.2.x"

  • now module is supporting Akeneo 3.1.x and 3.2.x

Version 1.0.3 - "encoding select"

  • option to select encoding in the job, usable for different language support. select utf16-le for support for getting files in strict Unicode format.
  • Compatible with Akeneo 3.0.x and 3.1.x

Version 1.0.2 - "Here We Go" (23-11-2018)

  • support Akeneo 2.3.x

Version 1.0.1 - "https issue" (24-09-2018)


  • corrected connection issue in case of https URL

Version 1.0.0 - "Here We Go" (28-03-2018)


  • Export product and images from Akeneo to Adobe Indesign CC 2018
  • Filter data to be Exported based on Category, family, Completeness, Time conditions, Identifier(SKU), Language and Currency.

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