Autodesk® Vault® to Akeneo® Product Assistant

Akeneo PIM compatibilty
Price: Free


Autodesk® Vault® to Akeneo Product Assistant is a proof of concept (POC) for connecting Autodesk® Vault® Professional 2019 with Akeneo community-edition.

Familiarizing the users with Akeneo PIM, the POC demonstrates how to create, update or edit the product information in Akeneo PIM system based on the data from Autodesk® Vault®.

Based on the Akeneo Marketplace review, there is no similar product which provides an ability to:

  • Connect to the Akeneo server
  • Select the files from the Vault Client for the Products creation
  • Map the configuration between the Vault properties and the Akeneo attributes
  • Provide users with the file processing results
  • Set the Product image from Vault® as the thumbnail or preview image

The future versions of the POC will provide the option to:

  • Update the Vault properties from the Product attributes



  • Autodesk® Vault® Basic/Professional 2019
  • Akeneo Community Edition


To install and uninstall the product:

  1. Extract MSI package from 
  2. Run it
  3. Follow the installing wizard.

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