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The “BMEcat Import Connector“ enables Akeneo PIM to import product catalogs from BMEcat catalog-files quickly and easily:
•    create a new BMEcat-Import-Job and upload your BMEcat catalog-file
•    run the Analyzer to catch all product information and features included inthe BMEcat-file
•    map the product information and features from the BMEcat-file to your own attribute set…… that’s all you need to start with your first BMEcat-Import! 


The “BMEcat Import Connector” provides a complete product catalog in Akeneo including the catalog structure (a category tree per BMEcat catalog), the products and product associations.


Version 1.1 of the “BMEcat Import Connector” supports BMEcat versions 1.2 and 2005.

The connector is designed to work with Akeneo 2.2 and higher Community and Enterprise Editions.

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Bundle installation

  1. Go to src folder inside Akeneo source folder.
  2. Create Visionit/BMEcatImportBundle folders inside src.
  3. Unpack archive with sources inside.

Bundle registration

Enable the bundle in the app/AppKernel.php file, in the registerProjectBundles() method:

new Visionit\BMEcatImportBundle\VisionitBMEcatImportBundle(),

Routing. Add the next section to the bottom of app/config/routing.yml

visionit_bmecatimport: resource: "@VisionitBMEcatImportBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"


Run next Akeneo commands in source folder

rm -rf var/cache/* php bin/console pim:install:asset --env=prod php bin/console assets:install web --symlink yarn run webpack

Run next command in Akeneo source folder to configure BMEcat connector

bin/console akeneo:bmecat-connector:install


The Connector supports the following sections of BMEcat specification versions 1.2 and 2005:


The BMEcat Import Connector supports the following areas of the BMEcat specification: 

  • Header section <header> 

  • Product section <product> 

  • SKU <supplier_pid> 

  • Product details <product_details> 

  • Product features <product_features> 

  • Order details <product_order_details> 

  • Price <product_price_details> 

  • Media files <mime_info> 

  • Product references <product_references> 

  • Catalogue group system <catalog_group_system> & <product_to_cataloggroup_map> 


In general, the functionality of BMEcat is supported as long as the same functionality is available in Akeneo Community Edition, except variant products and product families.

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