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The CNET Connector is a complete product data delivery solution that automatically enriches your catalog with CNET's timely, complete, and accurate professional content covering 12 million products in 36 markets and 18 languages. 

The service is fully automated, as soon as products are added to Akeneo the synchronization process is triggered and they are eventually populated with CNET content.

The service is also completely self-contained, there's no need to use external tools or Akeneo plugins to manage it, it simply works by monitoring the Akeneo instance activity and detecting changes indicating that products should be delivered/updated.

If the requested product data isn't available yet, the service will trigger data creation tasks and eventually deliver the product content from CNET as soon as it's captured from official manufacturer sources or feeds.

Release notes

There's no change log, the version 4 of the connector is the first publicly accessible version.


The service is fully automated, once it's setup it works seamlessly without any PIM or CNET user action. The service recreates the entire CNET product data model in the PIM instance, including:

  • CNET product families
  • CNET attributes & groups
  • CNET categories
  • CNET attribute values (select/multiselect attributes)
  • CNET image & document asset families

For a detailed service architecture PDF follow the download link and submit the form.

Setup simply consists of creating Akeneo API credentials and sharing them with CNET.

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