[COMING SOON] Akeneo x ContentSide Semantic Platform

Developed by ContentSide
Akeneo PIM compatibility
Enterprise Edition (Serenity) Supported
Enterprise Edition (Flexibility)
Growth Edition Not supported
Community Edition Not supported
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ContentSide Semantic Platform connector for Akeneo is a middleware that connects to Akeneo Cloud instances.

The connector automatically classifies new and updated products, using a machine learning system that we have created as part of a european-wide R&D project.

To give best results, the connector needs to learn how to classify on your specific taxonomy, we are providing service to achieve this and get the best results.


Release notes

(futur) v1.3.0

  • feedback collection
  • continuous improvement of classification algorithm

(futur) v1.2.0

  • self serve configuration UI on the portal

(futur) v1.10

  • multi categories classification
  • webhook trigger on product editing


  • automatically classify batches of products and set the Category of each product
  • Setup the frequency and scope of classification refresh


A dedicated Customer Success Manager at ContentSide will guide you through the few steps needed to setup your connector :

  • prepare the classification algorithm using your actual catalog
  • configure the time and frequency of the refresh batch
  • configure the scope of the request to select the products to be refreshed
  • configure the validation process adjusted to your production workflow
  • preview results on a dry-run before going live

enable the connector and enjoy having a webshop well organized !

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