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Akeneo PIM compatibilty
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Our 500+ decoupled modules give you the flexibility to update, change, or add new modules only when it’s
appropriate for your individual business needs. Pick & choose only the capabilities you need for you business.

B2B & B2C Ready                                                                                                                                                                  The Spryker Commerce OS provides all features you need and expect from a state-of- the-art e-commerce platform. Features like Order Management, CMS, CRM, Comapny Account or multiple Pricing and Discount options will have your online shop ready for selling in no time.

API first & Headless
The Spryker Commerce OS is headless and API frst to connect to any front- or back-end you need (CMS, Mobile, Voice, Bots, IoT...). We do not prescribe a static fron-end, but give you the flexibility to choose where and when to trigger transactions with your customers.

Separation of front-end and back-end
Optimize build time as developers are able to work independently of each other so no one bug, break,
or update will affect the entire system.

Code Quality
Our high-quality, easy-to-read code is designed to ensure your shops build is easy and painless to maximize
flexibility for local and international shop(s) evolution.

Create multiple stores to target different markets or launch one adaptive store which services several
regions. Easily localize pricing, project domains and content.



To install AkeneoPim add the AkeneoPimMiddlewareConnector run this command in the console:

composer require spryker-eco/akeneo-pim-middleware-connector:1.0.1



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