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The custom entity bundle provides the following tools to help managing reference datas and related views inside the Akeneo PIM.

For more information or example usages for this bundle, please see the full documentation in the Readme file.

Release notes

The Custom Entity Bundle is compatible with any version of Akeneo PIM, both Community and Enterprise Edition.


Previous version  :


  • v3.0.0 Pim 3.0 compatibility (#66)


  • PIM 2.2 migration


  • PIM 2.1 compatibility
  • Update Jenkins files

2.0.0 stable

  • Excel Init bundle for PIM2.0

2.0.0 beta

  • PIM 2.0 compatibility (beta version)



  • Added global configuration options for entities (see documentation)
  • Added new event for configuration option resolving
  • Added manager registry
  • Added save options for form actions
  • Added quick export action

BC Breaks

  • Constructor for Action\AbstractAction has changed
  • Constructor for Configuration\Configuration has changed
  • Constructor for Configuration\Registry has changed
  • Constructor for Manager\Manager has changed
  • Removed all validation for abstract entities
  • Changed signature of ManagerInterface::save()


BC Breaks

  • now compatible with version 1.2.x of PIM CE
  • RemoveAction and MassRemoveAction are now called DeleteAction and MassDeleteAction
  • remove and mass_remove action types are now called delete and mass_delete
  • pim_customentity_remove route is now named pim_customentity_delete



  • Added events on the actions
  • Added ACL support

Bug fixes

  • Fixed oro titles


Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug when displaying value for option with empty code



  • Strategies are replaced by actions
  • Added abstract custom entities
  • Added automatic configuration of custom datagrids

BC Breaks

  • Default configuration and strategy do not use quick create
  • Removed unused datagrid_namespace configuration option
  • Grid names are not suffixed by -grid anymore, and are the same as custom entity names

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