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This bundle generates file data in the native Akeneo CSV format.

It's able to generate products and attributes information (including families and attributes options).

So you need a PIM system with channels, locales and currency already setup.

From that, this bundle will generate valid product and attribute data.


$ composer.phar require akeneo/data-generator-bundle dev-master

and update your app/AppKernel.php as follow:

$bundles[] = new Pim\Bundle\DataGeneratorBundle\PimDataGeneratorBundle();



Usage: pim:generate-data <configuration_file_path> Arguments: configuration-file YAML configuration file

Configuration file examples

Generating attributes and families:

data_generator: output_dir: /tmp/generated_data entities: attribute: count: 200 identifier_attribute: "sku" family: count: 30 attributes_count: 60 identifier_attribute: "sku" label_attribute: "label"

Generating products:

data_generator: output_dir: /tmp/generated_data entities: product: count: 1000 values_count: 50 values_count_standard_deviation: 10 mandatory_attributes: [sku, name] delimiter: , force_values: - manufacturer = FactoryInc - brand = SuperProd start_index: 0 categories_count: 10

More configuration examples are available in the Resources\examples directory.

If not attribute and family are defined, the product generation will use the available attributes in the PIM DB.

How to use the generated attributes and families data

The generated files are meant to be used in the fixtures. Only the generated products CSV file must be imported by the import profiles.

Release notes

The Data Generator is compatible with both Community and Enterprise Edition 1.3.x and higher, up to 1.7.x.


Legacy version

If you want to use the previous version (with the command lines and options), please use the 0.1 tag. Note that the current version covers the same feature than the previous one while adding generation on attributes and families.

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