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Akeneo PIM compatibilty
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Use case

You can download ETIM data structure from ETIM Classification Management Tool: You will get an archive with many CSV files (ETIM V6).

The current extension provides an import profile to import ETIM data structure inside Akeneo PIM.

Akeneo PIM / ETIM compatibility

We adapted ETIM features to handle them in Akeneo PIM. For example, as Akeneo does not manage with Range attribute types, we manage them using 2 attributes (min and max). Here is the functional mapping we did:

Structure Mapping




Attribute optionVALUEEV

Category (level 1)ARTGROUPEG

Category (level 2)ARTCLASSEC

Metric unitsUNITEU

Features/Attributes mapping

There are 4 attribute types in ETIM but we need to map the structure to Akeneo PIM. In order to have a workaround for the metrics and attribute values, we decided to duplicate attributes in Akeneo.

ETIM feature typeAkeneo PIM attributeAttribute code format


A + existing valuespim_catalog_simpleselectEF*_EC*

A without existing valuespim_catalog_textEF*_EC*


N + unitpim_catalog_numberEF*_EC*_EU*

R2 x pim_catalog_numberEF*_EC*-min and -max

R + unit2 x pim_catalog_numberEF*_EC*_EU*-min and -max

As we should handle option by families, we decided to duplicate attributes at family level. A feature of type "A" will be many attributes in Akeneo (one per family). For metrics, they are managed as number attributes so we duplicate them by family too.

A dedicated code format has been done to allow to map attributes.

Values/Attribute options mapping

As options are duplicated depending of their families. Their codes are constructed with the following format "EF*_EC*_EV*" so from a code, you can know the family and the classification it belongs.

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