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In a vanilla installation of the PIM, configurable products can be enriched at two levels:

  • Configurable products are represented by variant groups;
  • SKUs, or simple products, are represented by the Akeneo products.

The aim of the Inner Variation Bundle is to add a third level of enrichment within Akeneo:

  • Product models are represented by variant products;
  • Configurable products are represented by Akeneo products;
  • SKUs are represented by a new tab inside the product edit form.

This feature is best understood if applied to the case of the fashion industry:

  • A tee-shirt model is represented by a variant group. It contains common attributes such as the product’s name and description. The products inside the variant group vary over the ‘color’ attribute;
  • Each color of the t-shirt is an Akeneo product. Image attributes can be enriched at this level.
  • Under an extra tab within the product edit form, the user is able to create multiple variations for the product. For each product variation, the user specifies the corresponding size, as well as other specific attributes like EAN code, an indicative price. A product variation is an Akeneo product with a specific behavior.

The use of variant groups is not mandatory. Depending on your needs, you can also have 2 levels of enrichment with products and products variations / SKUs.

Products can have variations or no variation according to their family (for example, tee-shirts can have variations by size and bags have no variation).

The bundle includes:

  • All the necessary tools to manage variations at the product level inside the product edit form;
  • Specific CSV imports designed to import products variations and inner variation types from external system such as ERPs;

Specific CSV exports designed to export products variations and inner variation types. 

Release notes


InnerVariationBundle ->  Akeneo PIM EE

v1.3 -> v1.6.*

v1.2 -> v1.5.*

v1.1.5 -> v1.4.12 and higher

v1.1.2 -> v1.4.7 to v1.4.11

v1.0 -> v1.4.0 to v1.4.6


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