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This Enterprise Edition extension allows you to use a LDAP directory to authenticate your PIM users. The users must already exist in the PIM. If a user doesn't exist in the PIM, you must first create it. Note that this user will not require a password in Akeneo.

A special rescue user can be used, usually the "admin" user of Akeneo. This user will not be authenticate against the LDAP but just with its PIM credentials. This way, you can always log in Akeneo even if the LDAP is not responding.

If you remove this extension later, all users created in the meantime will need a password reset, but they will still be usable once they'll have correct credentials.

Note: Since version 3.x, Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition includes natively a SAML-based SSO feature.

Please contact your sales representative or Customer Success Manager for more information.


  • Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition from 1.5.7 to 3.0
  • PHP Ldap extension


This extension can be installed via composer:

composer config repositories.ldapAuthenticationBundle '{"type": "vcs", "url":"ssh://git@distribution.akeneo.com:443/LdapAuthenticationBundle"}' composer require "akeneo/pim-ldap-bundle" "~1.0"

The rest of the installation process is fully described in the README file of the bundle:

cat vendor/akeneo/pim-ldap-bundle/README.md

Release notes

This extension only works with Enterprise Edition.


Please contact us: sales@akeneo.com

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