Mirakl Project Accelerator

Akeneo PIM compatibilty
Use of Akeneo API:
Price: Free


The Mirakl | Akeneo Project Accelerator is a zip archive containing the different Akeneo extensions for the Mirakl platform. It is available on demand for Mirakl clients.

The Project Accelerator synchronizes the Mirakl Catalog Integrator with your existing Akeneo hosted taxonomy. Instead of custom developments, you only have to download the package, set the API key and API URL in the Akeneo configuration section, and refresh the page.

The Mirakl | Akeneo Project Accelerator has the following functional scope:

  • Export Catalog Structure to MCI (Categories, Attributes, Value Lists)
  • Import Products from MCI
  • Export Categories to MMP
  • Export Products to MMP

The Mirakl | Akeneo Project Accelerator is compatible with Akeneo 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 for both community and enterprise version.

All Mirakl clients have access to extensive, up-to-date documentation on the Project Accelerator.

For more information: contact@mirakl.com

Release notes



The connector is now compatible with Akeneo 2.3 release.




The connector is now compatible with Akeneo 2.2 release


Allow number with 4 digits in attribute export and product import




  • If several products have the same product reference, only one product is imported, the others are skipped from the import
  • During product imports, a product is now ignored if the product already exists in Akeneo but its parent is different than the parent identify using the shop variant group code from the import file
  • Imported products are now created as "disabled" when the configuration parameter is set as "disabled"
  • During import, shop_sku are now concatenated using existing shop_sku instead of deleting old shop_sku
  • Fixed errors on deduplication during product imports




  • Manage Metric attributes
  • Add validation rules to attributes export


  • Escaping issue (\") on product imports
  • Partial code (shopId|code) is not added if shop sku or shop variant group code are empty
  • Modifying a product now works if attributes for description or brand are not specified in the Mirakl configuration of the connector
  • Downloading media using a proxy configuration now works
  • Shortened title, description, and brand according to Mirakl limitations
  • Do not display warning anymore for each product with identical data
  • The "Permissions" tab now appears in product import jobs
  • The "Mirakl configuration" tab now appears in Akeneo 2.1.1
  • Attributes are now correctly exported in PM01:
    • mandatory values are now correctly sent
    • the conversion from Kb to Mb in max file size is now correct
    • errors on localizable attributes are now fixed





The connector is now compatible with Akeneo 2.0 release



The Mirakl | Akeneo Project Accelerator is available only to Mirakl customers. It is and will remain completely free for Mirakl customers.

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