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PiiVO POSter is an application that allows the retail marketing department to push promotional product templates to stores that comply with the graphic charter, and which allows department store managers to be autonomous in their generation and printing of promotional product posters within their aisle. (sales, destocking, ...).

sales@piivo.com - http://www.piivo.com/poster


- Branding:

No more product posters poorly produced with Word or Paint and which do not respect the graphic charter. PiiVO POSter makes it possible to enforce the national graphic charter in all the stores, which thus restores a quality image of the brand.

- Quality of the product information:

No more product information texts reworked in the store and which are not consistent with the product sheet of the catalog or the website. Our tool draws the information produced in real time in the various repositories of product information (PIM, DAM, ERP, ...). The customer who had seen his product on the website of the retailer, found it easily on the shelf.

- Productivity Gain:

No more wasteful time spent by the sales consultant or aisle manager spending time doing computer graphics. Before, product promotional posters took between 2 and 11 minutes to be created in stores. Now, thanks to the ergonomics of PiiVO POSter , all markups take less than a minute to be generated. (example: 4,500,000 markings printed each year at Leroy Merlin France). This saving of time is strategic for the brand: the time released for the sales consultant allows the store to reposition more human and relationship with the customer, and thus better stand out from competitors pure player of the web!

Watch our video :


Click here for our video in english

Cliquez ici pour notre vidéo en français


SaaS offer : price per store per month. On premise offer possible. Contact sales@piivo.com to tell us more about your project.

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