PIM Accelerator for Fashion (EE only)

Akeneo PIM compatibilty
Use of Akeneo API:
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PIM Accelerator for Fashion offers a pre-defined catalog model and settings that include:

- 70 Attributes, 9 Attribute Groups, and a common set of Attribute Options covering common options such as color, material, and season
- 7 Families and Family Variants such as by size, by color, by color and size, and more
- A tree structure for Categories and Asset Categories, organized by men’s, women’s, and kids at the top level, then clothing, shoes and accessories one level below, finally product types (dresses, pants, shirts, etc.) at the third level
- Association Types for cross-sell, upsell, set, and outfit/look
- Locales and Currencies for US, France, and Germany
- One default channel with locales and currencies by country

It includes also some sample fashion products and assets to assist you in visualizing the end result of your product catalog.

The catalog model can be installed using the Akeneo installer by specifying it to use the Fashion data set.

You can download the data sheet on our website.


- PIM Accelerator for Fashion v2.3.* ==> Akeneo PIM EE v2.3.*
- PIM Accelerator for Fashion v2.2.* ==> Akeneo PIM EE v2.2.*
- PIM Accelerator for Fashion v2.0.* ==> Akeneo PIM EE v2.0.*

Release notes

This module is a licensed add-on for Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition and is supported on all Akeneo PIM 2.x Enterprise Edition versions.



Installing the bundle

Execute the following composer command to add the repository to your VCS and install the fashion-accelerator dependency:

$ composer config repositories.fashionAccelerator '{"type": "vcs", "url": "ssh://git@distribution.akeneo.com:443/FashionAcceleratorBundle", "branch": "master"}' $ composer require "akeneo/fashion-accelerator":"~2.3.0"

Update your configuration

Add the installer_data parameter in your app/config/parameters.yml file with the value vendor/akeneo/fashion-accelerator/fashion-en_US (or fashion-de_DE or fashion-fr_FR, depending on the locale you wish to use)

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