PIM2Print for Akeneo

Developed by Active Publishing
Akeneo Partner
Akeneo PIM compatibility
Enterprise Edition (SaaS) Supported
Enterprise Edition (PaaS)
Growth Edition Not supported
Community Edition Not supported
Extension version
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PIM2Print for Akeneo will generate catalogs or brochures from the Print channel data defined in Akeneo, and will automatically replicate all changes made in Akeneo.

  • From a simple technical datasheet to large catalogs with hundreds of pages
  • Select items and assign them to the Print Channel in Akeneo
  • Send the data in PIM2Print and generate your pages
  • Edit pages, design products and validate the pages
  • Retrieve images and media through Akeneo
  • Update and edit data in Akeneo, changes will be automatically replicated to the catalogs
  • Create PDF HD files for direct print (Pantone and CMYK compliant)
  • You can export the pages to In Design through an additional plug-in
  • Compatible with Akeneo Cloud editions

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Price will include the setup with Akeneo and an annual subscription to the PIM2Print platform with support.

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