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For many reasons, the data received from your providers aren’t directly integrable into your Akeneo project: attributes lost in a description text, or not corresponding to your vocabulary and standard

SmartMyData is a solution of Data Integration, allowing to:

-          extract every type of information

-          convert your data for normalizing it

-          enrich your data

Your data, become exploitable, will be sent automatically to your Akeneo project.


The goal is double:

-          Automate boring tasks and save you an important waste of time during the data working step.

-          Have data directly exploitable through a simple file loading in our SaaS application and gain in time to market.

Magic Features

Our application handles synonymy, abbreviation and degraded contents.

For the following content « T-Shirt Marine XXL », the application will return a structured data corresponding to your vocabulary and using your referential. By example:

-          Category: Tee-Shirt

-          Color: Blue

-          Size: 2XL

Concerning your files

We are able to import data from almost all types of files : excel, txt, csv, json, xml, ...

We can also extract data from a PDF file.

How it works

1/ Send your files to treat and express your need for extraction and classification.

2/ SmartMyData personalizes a processing chain and creates a dedicated script responding to your need and your business environment.

3/ Load your files to treat through our Saas (, create a new processing in one click, data will be sent directly and instantaneously in your Akeneo project


Our application is compatible with all versions of Akeneo using the API of Akeneo.

For previous versions, our SaaS will return a csv file that you can import manually into your Akeneo project through the import function.

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