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Akeneo PIM compatibilty
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Do you use texts like the following in your product descriptions?

The HP HD 5210 is a Skype®-certified autofocus HD webcam that is available since September 19, 2011. It provides up to 1920 x 1080 widescreen streams at a frame rate of 30.

The above example contains four attributes that are part of the default Akeneo demo data:

  • Product name
  • Release date
  • Maximum video resolution
  • Maximum frame rate

Now guess what happens when you or a co-worker updates the frame rate attribute from 30 to 60?! Correct, the description would not reflect this change until you edit the text by hand. We all are humans and it's easy to forget to update the related texts for all scopes and locales after such a change.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could reference the different attributes directly in the description? That's exactly what this extension provides.


  • Enhances the text area attribute type so that you can insert any attribute value into the text
  • Provides auto-completion for your attribute codes
  • Works with and without WYSIWYG enabled
  • Supports "value per channel" and "value per locale" attributes
  • Use Twig filters to format metrics, dates, currencies etc.
  • Use the product REST API or the default CSV/XLSX exports to access the rendered texts for your online shop etc.

Are you interested? Feel free to contact us.

Release notes

Currently, this extension only works with Akeneo 2.x, but it could be backported to 1.7.

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