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S.HE business is happy to announce a new cooperation with Eikona Media GmbH. Looking forward offering you a powerful re-launch of the successful Akeneo-Tradebyte-Connector.



  • Easily manage your product data in Akeneo and automatically transfer it to TB.One.
  • The attributes set in TB.One are created identically in Akeneo using a script. You can then fill in the attributes directly in the PIM or by importing your product data.
  • You can also create further attributes that are also exported (here only a specific name is required). Since Akeneo does not allow special characters in its attribute name - but these are required in TB.One - they are automatically converted to TB.One format when exported.
  • All fields (documented by Tradebyte) are supported. In addition, all translations are transferred if they have been entered in Akeneo.
  • The connector creates a new export profile that you can create and launch directly from Akeneo to transfer the data to TB.One.


Feel free to contact us to learn more about the connector and its benefits.

S.HE Business GmbH
Stadtwall 5, 48683 Ahaus (DE)
Phone: +49 (0) 25 61 9 17 23 0


We provide you with detailed user documentation.

You need help with the set-up process? Then we are happy to help you! We take over the installation and ensure a faultless integration of your data. The effort will be analyzed and estimated in advance by agreement with you. Experience shows that we need about 3-5 man-days for this purpose.

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