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Tracking Translation Bundle

This tracking translation bundle adds a widget on the dashboard and a panel in the product view dedicated to the translation management. When a localized attribute value is changed in a configurable master locale, values for other locales are tagged "translation needed". A dashboard widget displays pending translations. On products, a new panel is also available displaying pending translations as well.
Price: Free

Inner Variation bundle (EE only)

This extension is only available in Enterprise Edition. The aim of the Inner Variation Bundle is to add a third level of enrichment within Akeneo PIM: Product models are represented by variant products, Configurable products are represented by Akeneo products, SKUs are represented by a new tab inside the product edit form
Price: Quote based

ElasticSearch bundle (EE only)

This extension is only available in Enterprise Edition. It allows you to speed up filters and sorters on the product grids for high volume catalogs using the very fast and memory efficient ElasticSearch engine.
Price: Quote based

Classification Rule

A bundle that extend the Akeneo PIM Enterprise CatalogRuleBundle, adding the possibility to unclassify products from a defined tree [Enterprise Edition only]
Price: Free

Custom Entity

Eases the creation of custom entities and related views in Akeneo PIM
Price: Free

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