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MediaValet DAM Connector for Akeneo PIM

Take control of omnichannel content with a fully integrated PIM & DAM solution under one roof. Compatible with all versions of Akeneo PIM, StrikeTru's MediaValet DAM Connector for Akeneo PIM is designed to optimize storage, management and distribution of digital assets. Prepare & auto transfer product data & digital assets seamlessly between PIM and DAM, simplify asset management operations like search, update, and expire, automate manual processes and day to day management of product catalogs. This professional, enterprise grade connector leverages APIs exclusively to interface with MediaValet and Akeneo systems, enabling an auto-synchronization that streamlines the management of rich media and branded content across channels at scale, enabling your businesses to get to market faster, and deliver great product experiences that drive sales.
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Akeneo Image Gallery

Akeneo Image Gallery: This module allows the admin to add/manage images into various galleries and galleries into various groups according to requirements. Admin can easily manage photo galleries and gallery groups on their site. In this module, everything is configured by the admin.

Price: $299.00
Akeneo Partner

Widen DAM for Akeneo

StrikeTru’s Widen DAM for Akeneo connector seamlessly connects digital assets managed in Widen DAM with products managed in Akeneo PIM. It combines the power of both these solutions and allows Akeneo PIM users to quickly deploy a link to their Widen DAM, thus reducing the cost and complexity typically involved in digital asset management for multi-channel commerce. The connector automatically transfers digital assets managed in Widen DAM into Akeneo PIM, links those assets to products in PIM, enriches assets in DAM with product data retrieved from PIM, and expires digital assets in DAM based on product status maintained in PIM. It leverages APIs to integrate Widen DAM and Akeneo PIM. It can be deployed on-premise, and is also available as a cloud offering.
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PiiVO DAM (Digital Asset Management)

Offer your customers a qualitative and seamless brand experience thanks to PiiVO DAM, the scalable and powerful platform to manage all your media and product visuals. Enjoy the gains provided by this the ROI-booster tool with optimized quality, guaranteed reliability, increased speed and business centric ergonomics, in full remote access. https://youtu.be/s8NZuQwJjlY
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Akeneo Preferred Partner

TESSA Digital Asset Management for Akeneo

With this Connector Bundle you connect Akeneo up to the latest version 4.x seamlessly with the Digital Asset Management solution TESSA (http://www.tessa-dam.com/). This provides you with a professional and fully integrated DAM solution for Akeneo, which allows you to centrally store, manage, enrich and use all additional files for your products (e.g. images, videos, documents etc.) in all channels. Tessa is the first DAM on the market that fully supports the new features of the Akeneo DAM Api.
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