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Akeneo PIM Connector for ARI eCatalog

Find the right Powersports parts catalog solution for your business! Automate the collection of OEM and parts catalog data from ARI, cleanse and curate it in PIM, and finally syndicate it to all sales channels in just a few minutes!
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Akeneo PIM Connector for AD eContent

Streamline the process of onboarding new and updated products from Affiliated Distributors (AD) eContent database that houses over 4 million richly described products into ERP, PIM and ecommerce applications. StrikeTru’s AD Connector is a fully integrated cloud-based solution that allows AD members to quickly establish a link to AD eContent Services program, download and deploy product content in ERP and eCommerce systems, and provide customers a best-in-class eCommerce environment. This connector solution easily aggregates, prepares, and synchronizes product content with your eCommerce website efficiently. Distributors can use the eContent database to enrich its current assortment of SKUs as well as onboard a great number of new SKUs into its sales and marketing platforms, and advertise and sell significantly more SKUs to grow online sales.
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Akeneo Augmented Reality Extension

Akeneo Augmented Reality PIM Guide – This extension allows the users to create AR Media and add it to products. The users must create an attribute by selecting the AR media type and assign it to the family.

It enables the users to add a 3-D AR model to the products in order to provide a more realistic view.
Add Augmented Reality Media to products.
Preview AR media in Desktop/Android/iOS.
Import/Export AR media with products.
Upload the GLB And USDZ images for android and ios users respectively.

Price: $249.00

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