Product Cloner

The Product Cloner Bundle developed by Flagbit is a special Akeneo extension, which allows to clone product models within the Akeneo backend by clicking on one single button. This bundle optimizes and speeds up your workflow so you are able to easily compile similar products only by copying the product model and changing differing attributes.
Price: $199.00

Table Attribute

The Table Attribute Bundle for Akeneo PIM developed by Flagbit literally opens up new dimensions in the Akeneo backend. It gives you the possibility to enrich your product with multi-dimensional data presentation in the form of tables, allowing you maximum flexibility within the PIM.
Price: Free

Akeneo Rules Composer

The Akeneo Rules Composer by Zorang provides a way for creating and editing rules in Akeneo Enterprise Edition using a user-friendly and intuitive UI seamlessly integrating with the default Rules functionality of Akeneo. Akeneo provides a way to view Rules but for creating and editing rules, the users would have to write rules in .yml files with a pre-defined syntax, but using this UI there is no need of writing complex files to create rules. The Rules Composer can be used to edit existing rules or create new ones.
Price: Free


Productsup is a leading cloud-based solution for intuitive and powerful product data feed optimization. It allows e-commerce and travel businesses alike to collect, structure, optimize and distribute customized product feeds to thousands of marketing channels. Thus, it helps marketers to streamline processes, be in control of their product data and maximize profitability of their marketing campaigns. Founded in 2010, the platform is used by 700+ enterprise customers around the world like IKEA, Rakuten or Trivago.
Price: Quote based

H2P light (HTML2PDF) Generator Bundle by EIKONA

The "HTML2PDF" generator bundle by EIKONA extends AKENEO with an additional render engine to create PDF documents e.g. as product data sheets. After installing the bundle you will be able to use the render engine (based on webkit) to describe the layout in HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript. By using the bundle it is also possible to create cover sheets for the document as well as to define a header and footer.
Price: Free

Mirakl Project Accelerator

The Mirakl | Akeneo Project Accelerator provides a plugin to connect your Mirakl platform to your Akeneo PIM. It handles Products and Category synchronization both ways, and greatly simplifies implementation. Configuration takes less than twenty minutes. It is compatible with Akeneo Community 1.6.x and Akeneo Enterprise 1.6.x., MySQL and MongoDB. Note: The Mirakl | Akeneo Project Accelerator is available only to Mirakl customers. See "pricing informations".
Price: Free

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