Attribute Description Bundle

Attribute Description Bundle
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Short Overview

DndAttributeDescriptionBundle is an Akeneo 2.0 extension which allows you to add localizable descriptions to your attributes. Descriptions are displayed under corresponding attributes on the product page.


This connector improve your workflow by adding descriptions to your attributes.


  • Add/Delete/Edit a localizable description to your attribute
  • Import/Export attribute description with Akeneo import/export
  • The description is displayed on the product page under the attribute field


AttributeDescriptionBundle Akeneo PIM Community Edition
v1.0.* v2.*

Connector installation on Akeneo PIM

If it's not already done, install Akeneo PIM.

Get composer (with command line):

$ cd /my/pim/installation/dir $ curl -sS | php

Then, install DnDAttributeDescriptionBundle with composer:

In your composer.json, add the following code dependending on your Akeneo PIM version:

  • In require:

{ "agencednd/attribute-description-bundle": "1.0.*" }

Next, enter the following command line:

$php composer.phar require agencednd/attribute-description-bundle

Enable the bundle in app/AppKernel.php file, in the registerBundles function, before the line return $bundles:

$bundles[] = new Dnd\Bundle\AttributeDescriptionBundle\DndAttributeDescriptionBundle();

Then you need to override your Attribute entity in app/config/config.yml (at the end of the file):

akeneo_storage_utils: mapping_overrides: - original: Pim\Bundle\CatalogBundle\Entity\Attribute override: Dnd\Bundle\AttributeDescriptionBundle\Entity\Attribute - original: Pim\Bundle\CatalogBundle\Entity\AttributeTranslation override: Dnd\Bundle\AttributeDescriptionBundle\Entity\AttributeTranslation

And enter the following command line:

$php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force


Just create/edit an attribute, a new tab has appeared and you can fill in your attribute description for each locale.

To import attribute description you need to add a new column to your classic attribute import file : description-{locale_code} (e.g: description-en_US).

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