Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge

Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge
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Short Overview

Akeneo’s integration empowers Commerce Cloud customers to push their Akeneo PIM catalog to Salesforce Business Manager. This cartridge either works with Akeneo Community Edition or Enterprise Edition. This cartridge enables to convert Akeneo API data to Salesforce Commerce Cloud XML format, for products, categories, attributes, associations, pricebooks and media.


Utilize Akeneo’s open source PIM solution to easily consolidate, enrich, manage, and export product information to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This cartridge leverages the latest API technology to provide seamless integration between Akeneo PIM and Commerce Cloud.



Attributes, categories, products, pricebooks and media will be imported to the Business Manager of Salesforce Commerce Cloud via the Akeneo API.

As of today, product variations and PAM (EE feature) are not supported.

The Akeneo module works with version 18.1.0 of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge is a certified plug-in for Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. It is designed to work with both Akeneo 1.7 and 2.x Community and Enterprise Editions.


  • v2.2.0
  • v2.1.0
  • v2.0.0
  • v1.7.0
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