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Google Sheets Integration

Trilix is very excited to announce our new Akeneo PIM add-on for Google Sheets which gives the power to work with Akeneo PIM data in Google Sheets.
The add-on is available for free on the G-Suite marketplace: https://gsuite.google.com/marketplace/app/akeneo_pim_for_sheets/287594847677
Price: Free
Akeneo Preferred Partner

Akeneo PIM Events API

The Events API is a smooth and easy way to build integrations that respond to activities in Akeneo PIM. All you need is PIM Events API Bundle and an endpoint where to send Akeneo PIM events.

Website: https://aea.trilix.co/
Price: Free
Akeneo Preferred Partner

P2M: Magento Integration

P2M: Designed to transfer your data from Akeneo to Magento Commerce.

Why P2M?
P2M is a separate service that transfers data from Akeneo PIM to Magento. It means you need to install nothing on Akeneo PIM or Magento2. P2M service communicates with both Akeneo PIM and Magento 2 via REST API. It pulls data from Akeneo PIM and pushes them to Magento2.
Price: Quote based

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