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Akeneo Currency Conversion

Akeneo Currency Conversion is a module that allows you to convert one currency price to another currency based on the currency rates and process updated prices across products.

If you have multiple currencies enabled in your Akeneo PIM, then you don't need to write the price in all currencies. Just you need to save the price in the base currency in the products and then update the currencies rates in the Currency converter configuration and click on EXECUTE CURRENCY CONVERSION.
Price: Free
Akeneo Community

Akeneo Trash Management

Akeneo Trash Management is a module that allows you to restore your deleted products, categories, families, and family variants from the Akeneo.

It moves the products in the trash management grid instead of deleting/removing products, categories, families, and family variants permanently from the Akeneo PIM setup.
Price: Free

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