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Shopify connector

Our Shopify Akeneo Connector eases your business by refining, transforming, and publishing relevant products, images, videos, and attributes between Akeneo and Shopify.Ideatarmac’s Shopify connector is a cloud based technology and has compatibility to the widest and latest range of Akeneo editions from Community to Enterprise to Growth Edition. Our aim is to make your integration the simplest possible and reduce the routine data management effort up to 70%.
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MediaValet DAM Connector for Akeneo PIM

Take control of omnichannel content with a fully integrated PIM & DAM solution under one roof. Compatible with all versions of Akeneo PIM, StrikeTru's MediaValet DAM Connector for Akeneo PIM is designed to optimize storage, management and distribution of digital assets. Prepare & auto transfer product data & digital assets seamlessly between PIM and DAM, simplify asset management operations like search, update, and expire, automate manual processes and day to day management of product catalogs. This professional, enterprise grade connector leverages APIs exclusively to interface with MediaValet and Akeneo systems, enabling an auto-synchronization that streamlines the management of rich media and branded content across channels at scale, enabling your businesses to get to market faster, and deliver great product experiences that drive sales.
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Akeneo SEO Manager

This SEO management tool allows you to improvise SEO for your online store. It allows you to check SEO snippet previews for the product. The admin can even check the availability of focus keywords in SEO fields like Title, Content, Meta description, and many more. This SEO tool even allows the admin to check the character count for the SEO title and Meta description. The admin can check the SEO analysis for improvising the SEO of any product.

Price: $299.00

Version History Export

This is a command line tool to export version history into a CSV or XLS. It writes a file with the identifier, resource, author, datetime, and changeset in JSON.

Version history is a powerful tool in Akeneo to see what changed on a product. This export will allow you to audit changes outside of the Akeneo interface.
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Akeneo Icecat Connector

The Icecat connector gives the capability to enrich Akeneo PIM product data with the rich Icecat catalog. It can be used with both an open Icecat free catalog or a full Icecat paid catalog.
Price: $299.00
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Akeneo Product PDF Generator

This module allows the store owner to generate PDF for any product and product model by using the custom PDF templates. The admin can create multiple custom pdf templates and can select any template as per the requirement for the PDF. PDF can also be generated in bulk by using the product PDF export job and quick export method. The admin can even download the PDF from the product page directly.
Price: $499.00
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Akeneo Queue Manager

This extension allows the store owner to manage the entire queue list of import, export, and quick export jobs. The admin can easily identify job details through - job name, job code, connector name, and status of the job. The admin can even delete any job if it is not required or if the job is not in a running state. This extension works with multiple connectors.
Price: $199.00

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