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The most reliable way to export your catalog to Magento 2

Formerly known as "PIMgento 2", the Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 joins Akeneo's ecosystem to help merchants manage and export their catalog data to Magento 2. This Akeneo Connector version leverages the latest API technology to provide seamless integration between Akeneo PIM and Magento Commerce.

Magento 2

Magento 2

How it works

Once the architecture of your catalog is complete in Akeneo, and your collections ready for export, you can spread your product content to Magento 2 in just a few steps from the Dashboard of Magento Commerce. The connector fetches data from Akeneo API and insert it directly in Magento database. As a result, imports are very fast and don't cause outages of your webstores.

See how it works in details with an end-to-end demonstration of our Akeneo Connector here:


Magento 2


The following Akeneo features can be exported to your Magento 2 webstores thanks to this connector:

  • Categories | Families | Attributes | Options | Family Variants | Products | Product Models
  • Assets (Enterprise Edition exclusive)
  • Reference Entities(*) (Enterprise Edition exclusive)

The Enterprise Edition version of this Akeneo Connector also comes with a handful of benefits:

  • Corrective maintenance from your usual Akeneo Support contacts
  • Evolutions along the year to enhance the performances, the scope and support the latest features of Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition and Magento 2
  • Access to the connector roadmap for full visibility
Features Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Product Models
Reference Entities(*)  
Benefits Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Corrective Maintenance  
Evolutive Maintenance  
Access to the connector roadmap  

(*)  As Magento 2 does not have an equivalent concept to PIM "Reference Entity", since Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 version 100.2.1, we add a new feature to map PIM Reference Entities at product level in Magento 2: please be sure to read our documentation to understand the Connector configuration possibilities and how this works in Magento 2.

Contact and Support

Get in touch with the Akeneo team to know more about the perks and the support model of Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 (Enterprise Edition).

  • Tel. (France): +33 (0)2 55 59 00 00
  • Tel. (Germany): +49 211 2339 6655
  • Tel. (North America): +1 (833) PIM-4ALL
  • E-Mail: magento@akeneo.com

Still on Magento 1?

Export your Akeneo catalogs to Magento 1 thanks to the powerful connector developed by our historical partner, Agence Dn'D.

Release notes

Release notes


  • Fix image import with uppercase attribute codes
  • Remove unused variable in attribute import job


  • Add asset manager compatibility for asset Video and asset Files import
  • Fix product model temporary table data insertion when using multiple channels


  • Add credentials check before command line import jobs
  • Add pagination to API calls in the admin configuration page
  • Add security to prevent import of attributes starting with numbers (Documentation)
  • Add column filtering for job status in the admin connector log grid - Fix custom options deletion after each product import


  • Fix asset image import attribute code comparison to lowercase


  • Fix website mapping attribute code comparison to lowercase
  • Fix configurable mapping attribute code comparison to lowercase


  • Add configuration check for empty mapping
  • Fix category url_path generation
  • Fix category and family source model return when API credentials are not configured


  • Fix product filters not being reseted after each family during command line execution
  • Fix create table function causing some products and product models not being imported in multi-website environment
  • Fix misleading warning label during image import
  • Fix Akeneo API connection being initialized in construct on the admin configuration page of the connector


  • Fix strict type for Akeneo PHP client pagination variable
  • Fix product count during product model job
  • Fix reference entity data unserialize issue when empty
  • Optimize product association deletion request


  • Fix reference entity attribute option creation when the same reference entity is linked to multiple attributes
  • Fix product default status behavior conflict with Magento 2 Enterprise content staging feature
  • Optimize category association deletion request during product import
  • Skip product URL rewrite generation for non-associated websitesAkeneo Connector for Magento 2 inserts all PIM data into a temporary table. Then, data is manipulated (mapping,...) within this temporary table in SQL. Finally, the modified content is directly inserted into SQL in Magento 2 tables.


  • Add product import job batching family after family (Documentation)
  • Optimize product model column number in a temporary table by adding a filter for API request on mapped channels and available locales
  • Fix reference entity attribute option assignment on products after version 100.5.2 separator change


  • Add support for the import of scopable and localizable values of assets inside the Asset Manager 4.0
  • Remove URL key generation for non-visible products
  • Fix metric option creation when a value is set on a product model specific attribute
  • Fix metric value set to "0" when empty on Akeneo
  • Fix website association not deleted when website attribute value is empty for a product
  • Optimize deletion of akeneo_connector_product_model columns during product model import job


  • Global classes reformatting including: change private scope of variables and functions, remove AbstractHelper usage, fix usage of Akeneo\Connector\Job\Import class and change job types to object

Warning: After updating connector to this version, make sure to recompile your code, flush Magento 2 cache and check your custom developments

  • Add support for Magento 2 Enterprise Content Staging feature (Documentation)
  • Fix Magento 2 Enterprise is_returnable default value for products
  • Fix multi-select attribute options assignation causing multiple options with similar code to be selected
  • Fix attribute option code separator in akeneo_connector_entities table


  • Fix attribute position inside attribute groups being set to 0 during attribute import job


  • Add Image asset compatibility for Akeneo PIM V.4.0 asset manager (Documentation).
  • Video and file assets are not yet managed.

Warning: After updating connector to this version, make sure that your dependencies are up-to-date as the Akeneo PHP Client has been updated to version 5.X


  • Fix reference entities JSON import with configurable products



  • Add automatic mapping for existing attributes, attribute options and products in Magento (Please read carefully our documentation)
  • Add entities check in connector entities table before import


  • Fix product URL rewrite generation to prevent duplicate entry errors
  • Fix product URL generation for configurable product in case of mapping with url_key

100.3.3 :

  • Fix error on price attribute import
  • Fix category attribute set getter to prevent mixed id in case of data migration
  • Fix metric import when metric attribute code contains uppercase characters
  • Add product model batch size and request size to prevent MYSQL errors. To know more, please consult our Documentation.


  • Fix Object Manager usage
  • Fix files name length for reference entity attributes


  • Fix product image and asset name that should not exceed 90 characters since Magento 2.3.3

Warning : After updating connector to this version, all image names will be renamed. To know more, please consult our Documentation.

  • Remove unused "file" column on log grid
  • Move API client call from construct
  • Fix category URL issue adding -1, -2 to url-key when category had same name but not same parent category


  • Remove Akeneo attribute group import from connector (Documentation)
  • Remove automatic mapping for attributes "price", "special_price" and "cost" (Documentation)
  • Add metric as product variant and unit concatenation feature (Documentation)
  • Update wording for configurable product attribute mapping 


  • Add check to prevent the creation of attributes and options with empty admin labels
  • Fix product association deletion with differential product import
  • Add asset file verification when its missing in Akeneo


  • Improve configurable attributes feature with specific types (Documentation)

Warning : After updating connector to this version, please check the Configurable configuration under the Products section in the Akeneo Connector configuration and update the Type column of your mapping with the appropriate value if necessary.


  • Fix option import with reference entity feature


  • Fix import command description
  • Convert uppercase attribute mapping to lowercase
  • Set import job response after step finish events


  • Fix identifier column type in temporary product import table
  • Fix missing where statement on delete in website association feature
  • Fix product website request if attribute is not filled in Akeneo
  • Fix duplicate node in config.xml file
  • Add check on family label to prevent import error on duplicate labels in Akeneo


  • Fix issue when importing associations
  • Improve attribute option import


  • Add reference entity single/multiple link attribute import and reference entity records data import (Documentation)
  • Upgrade Akeneo PHP API client to version 4 in order to handle reference entities endpoints
  • Add website mapping from select or multiselect attribute in Akeneo (Documentation)
  • Manage simultaneous image attribute and asset collection attribute import (Documentation)
  • Use native Magento serializer
  • Fix proxy class injection in command construct
  • Fix association import when result is empty
  • Fix url_key mapping and generation


  • Fix attribute mapping key


  • Initial release


Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 Documentation

For any question remaining, have a look at our Help Center to go through the installation process, and a handful of tips to configure the settings of your connector properly.

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