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Thanks to TwicPics and its connector for Akeneo, deliver perfectly optimized images directly from your Akeneo PIM to boost your websites' performances and offer an optimal experience to every user.


Websites are heavier than ever, and the main culprits are images. They eat up network bandwidth and increase the time visitors spend waiting for pages to load. Because every passing tenth of a second reduces the overall conversion rate of your website, it dramatically impacts your brand's reputation and revenue online.

That is where TwicPics comes in.

TwicPics is a real-time media processing service that enables individuals and businesses of all sizes to deliver rich and optimized visual content.

TwicPics resizes images, reduces their file size with adaptive compression, and automatically applies the WebP Next-Gen format to boost your website performances and its SEO by delivering pixel-perfect media on the fly.

With TwicPics, your images are now perfect in every circumstance.


TwicPics is a Responsive Image Service Solution (SaaS). It offers on-demand responsive image generation combined with a well-thought-out and unobtrusive JavaScript library, all based around a URL-based API.

TwicPics being behind this Akeneo connector means you can define your PIM as the source of your assets to serve perfectly adapted images on your websites and apps through TwicPics.

With TwicPics, you only need the original image from your PIM, and the end-users will never see it: instead, our service delivers a real-time optimized, perfectly sized, and device-adapted image from a location close to them through a worldwide CDN.

Quickly access all features with the easy installation and setup of TwicPics.


  • Image resizing and DPR: TwicPics automatically detects the DPR of your visitors. It means we automatically size your existing and future images at the correct DPR for any device.

  • Lazy loading: TwicPics automatically defers offscreen images to improve page loading time. It also offers images placeholders functionality to deliver a better user experience.

  • Process many image formats: TwicPics supports non-animated AVIF, GIF, HEIF, JPEG, PNG and WebP formats.

  • Next-Gen format and WebP conversion: by default, and for better optimization, TwicPics automatically converts your images to WebP format for all compatible devices.

  • Lossless compression: TwicPics automatically removes useless data and compresses images on the fly. Reduce image size by up to 75% without compromising its quality.

  • Global CDN: serve your images closer to your visitors thanks to a worldwide CDN powered by Amazon™.

  • Rock solid architecture: 99.999% service uptime and 99.99% image delivery success on average.

  • SEO optimization


Installation process

  1. Create a connection for the TwicPics connector
  2. Create a TwicPics account
  3. From your TwicPics back-office, define your PIM as the source of your images: this let TwicPics knows where to find your images. 
  4. Get your connection credentials: they are required to authorize the TwicPics connector to get your images from your PIM, through Akeneo API.
  5. Ready to use TwicPics!

Please visit our detailed documentation to get more informations.

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