Akeneo-Tradebyte-Connector by EIKONA Media

Developed by EIKONA Media GmbH
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Simple commissioning

This SaaS solution is integrated and configured in just a few hours. The dependencies of the adjacent systems are kept to a minimum by using the interfaces.


Simple price model

Regardless of the number of users and products, we have a transparent subscription price model that offers our customers cost security for years.


High time saving

The connector saves you a lot of effort by an automated data exchange from Akeneo to Tradebyte. Imports/exports are configured once and then run without any personnel.


Satisfied employees

Increase staff satisfaction by eliminating annoying manual processes and thus freeing up time for more important tasks. Automate your e-commerce workflow.



  • A highly configurable mapping of the product and article data from Akeneo to Tradebyte allows a fast data transfer. This is configured once and runs fully automated afterwards.
  • A modern user interface enables intuitive and fast operation. Information texts provide the user with assistance during operation.
  • The connector supports all available languages and the many channels from TB.one. These are configured once and can be easily edited if required.
  • When exporting article and product data from Akeneo, the connector automatically converts all attributes into the required tradebyte format (special characters).
  • The connector considers the maintained product variants and product models in the Akeneo PIM and exports them automatically to the TB.One middleware.
  • The maintained product images of the products in the Akeneo PIM are converted correctly during the transfer to Tradebyte and appear in the TB.One system at the right place.
  • Via an easily configurable control attribute in the connector, you can define which products are to be exported from Akeneo to TB.one.
  • Through the connector's logs during the export, you can see where problems occurred and then adjust them in Akeneo.
  • Optionally, the connector can also be connected to the Digital Asset Management TESSA and export assets (product images) to TB.one.

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