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Developed by Flagbit GmbH & Co. KG
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The Table Attribute Bundle for Akeneo PIM developed by Flagbit GmbH & Co. KG literally opens up new dimensions in the Akeneo backend. It gives you the possibility to enrich your product with multi-dimensional data presentation in the form of tables, allowing you maximum flexibility within the PIM.

For product managers, this means even more options than before, such as a simpler creation and maintenance of various product variants, product prices, tier prices or custom options.

Several use cases can be easily covered!

With the Table Attribute Bundle, a wide variety of use cases can be covered and individually adapted and configured according to the respective product and product range requirements. The screenshot shows the structure of the table attribute in the Akeneo backend and an excerpt of the possible use cases.

Demo Screencast

This Akeneo extension is open source, you can find the repository on GitHub.

Release notes


  • Add support for Akeneo 5.0.


  • Fix of select form extension in product export filters
  • Move build to GitHub Actions and enhance build process.


  • Add support for Akeneo 4.0.


  • Add support for Akeneo 3.0.


Bug fixes

  • AKTA-63: Fix issues with the form filters.


Bug fixes

  • AKTA-51: Fix wrong ES query filter.



See Installation Guide in GitHub.