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Selling on multiple channels can be complex but Lengow is here to support you

Expand your market coverage and discover new opportunities while staying in control with Lengow's advanced features. Our multichannel platform enables you to easily publish your product data on more than 1600 marketing channels and tools. Among them: Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook, Criteo, Ebay, Rakuten, Bing, Idealo, Cdiscount,… and centralize your orders coming from marketplaces.

Whether you've just started your ecommerce journey as an online merchant or if you are an established brand: Lengow gives you access to one centralized platform to diffuse a quality product catalogue and sell your products on multiple marketplaces. 

It's time to try it!

Easily import and merge data from Akeneo to enrich your product data and create a complete main feed before publication on marketplaces and marketing channels.

Akeneo connected to Lengow

  • Our Lengow connector enables you to add Akeneo as an additional source of data in our feed management platform.
  • Our application allows you to collect a selection of your Akeneo data to aggregate them to your product catalogue.
  • You will be able to retrieve data on your products like id, title, description, price, stock etc. as an additional source within the limit of 50 attributes.




Our other main features: 

  • Use Lengow to target and exclude the right products for the right channels and tools (marketplaces, price comparison engines, product ads, retargeting, affiliation) and automate the process of product diffusion.
  • Adapt your catalogue to publish your products on the channel of your choice: define title, price, description, available stock...
  • Lengow takes care of the centralisation of orders received from marketplaces and synchronises inventory data. 
  • Monitor and control your ecommerce activity using detailed, yet easy to understand graphs and statistics. Track clicks, sales, CTR, ROI and tweak your campaigns with automatic rules according to your cost of sales / profitability targets.
  • Integrate Lengow easily to your analytics and tag management system and receive the data directly in your analytics tool.





How does it work?

Follow these steps to add and setup your Akeneo App into Lengow:

  1. From your Lengow account, into App, select Akeneo
  2. Link your Akeneo account by completing the authentication information
  3. Select your Lengow catalogue, the one on which you're about to import your Akeneo product data
  4. Indicate the Product identifier of your Akeneo source
  5. Associate this product identifier to your catalogue's one to avoid any blockages
  6. Complete the requested values:
    1. Scope: Akeneo environment
    2. locals: attributes language
    3. currency: attributes currency
    4. fields: Select the Akeneo attributes to import into Lengow (max. 200)
  7. Set frequency to get the last attributes updates

Well done! You have just imported your Akeneo product data into your Lengow catalogue!


How to use it?

Once your Akeneo catalogue has been imported, it can be used as an additional source in Lengow platform.

When you need to use one of the attributes added via akeneo (in an automatic rule, when matching the categories of a channel, during an exclusion, etc ...) directly call the desired attribute.



  • You must have an open Akeneo account, but also a product catalogue already imported into Lengow.

  • A maximum of 200 attributes can be imported from an Akeneo source. If you have different languages, for example description FR and description EN, they will be counted as 2 attributes.

  • For the moment Asset and References Entities can't be retrieved directly through our connector. But use our Additional Sources feature to add them to your catalogue within the Lengow platform.



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