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Developed by Flagbit GmbH & Co. KG
Akeneo PIM compatibility
Enterprise Edition (SaaS) Not supported
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Growth Edition Not supported
Community Edition
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Price: Free


The Product Cloner Bundle developed by Flagbit is a special Akeneo extension, which allows to clone every kind of product. From simple products to even product models and product variants, clone products within the Akeneo backend by clicking on one single button. This bundle optimizes and speeds up your workflow so you are able to easily compile similar products only by copying the product and changing differing attributes.


  • Clone products
  • Clone product models
  • Clone product variants
  • Easy compiling of similar products

This Akeneo extension is open source, you can find the repository on GitHub.

Release notes


  • Add support for Akeneo 3.0 LTS.


  • Clone products and variation products


  • Clone product model



Install the bundle

You can simply install the package with the following command:

composer require flagbit/product-cloner-bundle

Enable the bundle

Enable the bundle in the kernel:


// app/AppKernel.php

protected function registerProjectBundles() {

  return [

    // ...

    new Flagbit\Bundle\ProductClonerBundle\FlagbitProductClonerBundle(),

    // ...



Import the routing

Now that you have activated and configured the bundle, all that is left to do is import the FlagbitProductClonerBundle routing files.

# app/config/routing.yml


  resource: "@FlagbitProductClonerBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"

Clear the cache

php bin/console -e=prod cache:clear

Build Frontend

Build and install the new front-end dependencies (new translations, etc.)

php bin/console pim:installer:assets --symlink --clean --env=prod

yarn run webpack


How to use it

  1. Open a product and there open the options dialog at the right corner.
  2. After clicking on clone you will see the clone dialog.
  3. Put in a new product code and click on save.
  4. After that check if all the data is correct for the new product.

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