Sortable Asset Collection EE

Akeneo PIM compatibilty
Price: $199.00


The Sortable Asset Collection Bundle developed by Flagbit GmbH & Co. KG enables product managers to manage the order of assets within the Akeneo backend by using simply drag&drop. Using the standard Akeneo Enterprise Asset Manager assets have to be arranged by naming the asset code according to alphabetic rules. Rearranging the asset without the Sortable Asset Collection Bundle, for example to change the order of product pictures on a product detail page, means to delete the whole asset, losing all its relations and then compile the asset again using a higher letter in the alphabet for naming the code.

Fast and effortless asset management powered by Flagbit

With the Flagbit Akeneo Sortable Collection Bundle you can just drag the picture on the desired spot and drop it. That’s it! No deleting and recompiling is necessary. You can keep all asset relations and it does not only speed up the process, it makes it absolutely effortless.

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