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Akeneo Augmented Reality Extension

Akeneo Augmented Reality PIM Guide – This extension allows the users to create AR Media and add it to products. The users must create an attribute by selecting the AR media type and assign it to the family.

It enables the users to add a 3-D AR model to the products in order to provide a more realistic view.
Add Augmented Reality Media to products.
Preview AR media in Desktop/Android/iOS.
Import/Export AR media with products.
Upload the GLB And USDZ images for android and ios users respectively.

Price: $249.00
Akeneo Community

Akeneo Currency Conversion

Akeneo Currency Conversion is a module that allows you to convert one currency price to another currency based on the currency rates and process updated prices across products.

If you have multiple currencies enabled in your Akeneo PIM, then you don't need to write the price in all currencies. Just you need to save the price in the base currency in the products and then update the currencies rates in the Currency converter configuration and click on EXECUTE CURRENCY CONVERSION.
Price: Free
Akeneo Partner

Akeneo Print powered by InBetween - InBetween Auto Generator Cloud

You want to provide your customers highly updated print advertising material in the easiest and most efficient way? Easy and efficient for YOU and YOUR customers?

No problem with the cloud service InBetween Auto Generator Cloud!

With this powerful solution of InBetween you have an easy game when it comes to efficiency, speed and topicality.
Price: €6000.00
Akeneo Community

Akeneo Configurable Product Importer

Akeneo Configurable Product Importer: This module allows the admin to create a copy for the variants of any configurable product to another configurable product within the same family.

The admin can select the product and the variants that need to be imported into the product and can run the import job for the configurable product variants to copy them.

Price: $199.00
Akeneo Community

Akeneo Trash Management

Akeneo Trash Management is a module that allows you to restore your deleted products, categories, families, and family variants from the Akeneo.

It moves the products in the trash management grid instead of deleting/removing products, categories, families, and family variants permanently from the Akeneo PIM setup.
Price: Free
Akeneo Community

Akeneo CSV Import Module

Akeneo Custom CSV Import allows the users to import products and product models from third-party platforms, suppliers, or other applications using a customized CSV file.

The users can map Akeneo fields to the CSV fields (columns) that will be produced with the extension.

Price: $249.00
Akeneo Community

Akeneo Custom XLSX Connector

Akeneo Custom XLSX Connector: Now by using this connector you can import/export your online store products and product modal into a customized XLSX file. This file can be used for uploading products/product modals to third-party platforms, suppliers, or other applications. This extension enables you to map Akeneo fields with the XLSX fields that will be created.

Price: $249.00
Akeneo Preferred Partner

Akeneo Shopware 6 Connector by EIKONA Media

With the new "Akeneo-Shopware-6-Connector" from EIKONA Media, you can smoothly export all your product data from Akeneo to Shopware. The connector uses the standard interfaces provided for data exchange. Benefit from up-to-date product data in all your e-commerce channels and be faster on the market.
Price: Quote based

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