Akeneo Shopware Connector

Akeneo Shopware Connector
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Short Overview

With the Akeneo Shopware Connector by HDNET it is now possible to export all relevant product data to your Shopware-Shop. After the one-time setup completely without manual effort and fully automated! With our connector you save the time-consuming development of a non-standardized, costly development of an interface! Make sure that your data in Shopware meets your quality requirements!

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The Connector is a command line tool for exporting your catalog and product data from Akeneo to Shopware. The connector can export the following data:

  • Categories
  • Families
  • Attributes
  • Products
  • Product models
  • Variants

In the one-off configuration, you specify, among other things, which Akeneo Channel your Shopware products are managed with. In addition, you make a one-time mapping in the configuration that you can use to determine which Akeneo attributes should be matched to which Shopware article master data.

Once you have configured the settings, you can execute the following export commands in the command line tool:

  • ./connector.phar categories
  • ./connector.phar families
  • ./connector.phar products

Additionally, you can configure these commands as cronjobs on your server so that the export from Akeneo to Shopware is fully automated.
We are happy to assist you with the one-time configuration of the connector. Visit our website or contact us directly!


  • Shopware: Version 5.3.* and higher
  • Akeneo: Version 2.2 and higher (CE or EE)
  • API user for both Shopware and Akeneo
  • Basic knowledge of Symfony's ExpressionLanguage (optional)
  • Basic knowledge of command line usage
  • Possibility to configure cronjobs (optional)

The current version of this connector is 0.9.0 (Release date: 19.06.2018) and corresponds to a beta version of the connector. This version depicts the most important functions for the enrichment of your Shopware shop. Currently, it supports 1 Channel and 1 Locale. For now, you have to specify the main variant of your product model in Akeneo as an attribute in order to merge the different product concepts of Akeneo and Shopware.

The software is consistently being developed according to customer requirements so that further features can be published in the future.

It is compatible with both Community and Enterprise Edition.

The price includes the provision of the software as an on-premise solution. The following services are included: - Simple right to use the software - Time and space unlimited use - License for operation under 1 Akeneo license - Access to minor and patch releases You prefer a SaaS/Cloud solution? Visit our website or contact us directly! We would be happy to take over the provision, configuration and updating of your software!


  • v2.2.9
  • v2.2.8
  • v2.2.7
  • v2.2.6
  • v2.2.5
  • v2.2.4
  • v2.2.3
  • v2.2.2
  • v2.2.1
  • v2.2.0
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